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International Tin was founded in the early 2000s and run with passion and determination by a family that has managed to successfully exploit all the experience acquired from other activities. The entrepreneurial knowledge made available and incorporated straight away in the mechanisms of International Tin derived from other companies that have been successfully operating for years in the “chemical” and “mechanical” fields. This made it possible to immediately shape the spirit of International Tin and turn it into a dynamic enterprise that offers the utmost in quality.

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Its beginnings

An ambitious project

Underlying the vision of this dynamic and competitive company, there is unquestionably a legacy of experience deriving from the chemical and mechanical sectors that form part of the group.

During the first decade of its life, International Tin was able to exploit its mechanical know-how in order to successfully establish a plant for the production of tin oxide (SnO2) offering an excellent metal/oxide yield, but above all, good ductility. It is therefore able to produce various types of oxides with chemical/physical characteristics each differing one from the other.


Its development

Finding a niche on the market

After a difficult start, in 2010 International Tin became one of the most important players on the Tin Oxide market.

The most complicated obstacles International Tin had to overcome were without doubt not only that of entering an already mature market like the tin oxide market in the traditional ceramics and glass sectors, but above all, that of finding its niche as a leading reference producer which it managed to do in only a few years. Today International Tin is one of the most important producers and exporters of tin oxide (SnO2) in the whole world.


Its progress

Expansion of production

With an aptitude for perfection and foresightedness, International Tin opened its doors to new products.

In 2016 International Tin decided to take the plunge and broaden its horizons, increasing its range of products, while naturally keeping “tin” as the protagonist. To do this it had to establish new synergies with technical specialists in the chemical sector, as well as with Italian universities for the purpose of developing new products. The increase in new products for International Tin started with one of the stars in the range of Tin Chemicals; “Tin Monoxide” (SnO), a fundamental precursor in the production of numerous tin salts, both organic and inorganic. In addition to tin monoxide, the company was also successful in creating another protagonist in the Tin Chemicals range, namely, “Tin Chloride” (SnCl2).

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